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Creating Components

Build your own components for Search UI

We provide a variety of Components out of the box. However, there might be cases where we do not have the Component you need.

In these cases, we recommend you use the low-level Search UI API to create these components yourself.

Example: Creating a component for clearing all filters

For a live example of this, check out this project on CodeSandbox.

To create your own component:

  1. Create a component.
  2. Import the withSearch higher order component in order to access Search UI's actions and state.
  3. Choose the actions and state you'll need for this component in the first parameter to withSearch. In the example below, they are using the filters state and the clearFilters action. The full list of state and actions is avialable in the API documentation.
  4. Pass your component as the second parameter with withSearch, which will in turn pass the selected actions and state as props to your component.
  5. Use the state and actions from props in your component.
import { withSearch } from "@elastic/react-search-ui";

function ClearFilters({ filters, clearFilters }) {
  return (
      <button onClick={() => clearFilters()}>
        Clear {filters.length} Filters

export default withSearch(({ filters, clearFilters }) => ({

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