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Ingest your data

Add data to your Elasticsearch project.

You have many options for ingesting, or indexing, data into Elasticsearch:

The best ingest option(s) for your use case depends on whether you are indexing general content or time series (timestamped) data.

General content

General content includes HTML pages, catalogs, files, and other content that does not update continuously. This data can be updated, but the value of the content remains relatively constant over time. Use connector clients to sync data from a range of popular data sources to Elasticsearch. You can also send data directly to Elasticsearch from your application using the API.

Times series (timestamped) data

Time series, or timestamped data, describes data that changes frequently and "flows" over time, such as stock quotes, system metrics, and network traffic data. Use Beats or Logstash to collect time series data.

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