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Observability billing dimensions

Learn about how Observability usage affects pricing.

Elastic Observability severless projects provide you with all the capabilities of Elastic Observability to monitor critical applications. Projects are provided using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, and pricing is entirely consumption-based.

Your monthly bill is based on the capabilities you use. When you use Elastic Observability, your bill is calculated based on data volume, which has these components:

  • Ingest — Measured by the number of GB of log/event/info data that you send to your Observability project over the course of a month.
  • Storage/Retention — This is known as Search AI Lake.
  • In addition to the core ingest and retention dimensions, there is an optional charge to execute synthetic monitors on our testing infrastructure. Browser (journey) based tests are charged on a per-test-run basis, and Ping (lightweight) tests have an all-you-can-use model per location used.

For detailed Observability serverless project rates, refer to the Elastic Cloud pricing table.

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